Buddy Wakefield – Now | Music Video

BUDDY WAKEFIELD is a three-time world champion spoken word artist featured on the BBC, HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. We created a music video for his song ”now”.

  • Camera Operator
  • Editor

Man, y’all did such an incredible job on this. Thank you for the work that went into making this. It’s not missed on me. When it came out in 2016 I really enjoyed it and posted it, but I was moving so fast on tour and other projects that I didn’t have time to watch it over and over and appreciate the details, then it fell from my focus. I’m just now revisiting it and remembering how much I love it, and watching every detail. If this is the kind of videos you’re making in school, then I can hardly wait to see what you do in the future. And everybody knows, the future is now.

Buddy Wakefield