Next to making films i’m passionate about technology, art & design.


Thomas Zeman – 22 year old filmmaker located in the city of Ede, The Netherlands.

After the first week of lessons at the Rijn IJssel College (AV-Specialist) back in 2015. I knew that I was at the right place, meeting same minded people and teachers that opened new ways of thinking. I started working as a freelancer after the first year of school. Thanks to this place I made some great friends that I’m still working with today. I’m glad to say it gave me a boost in the right direction.

At this moment I shoot all sorts of corporate-films, big and small. It is fun to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and see different businesses. Capturing their brandstory is interesting and it creates a lot of value to those business.

I’m following my dream to become a cinematographer. My focus is to learn more about visual storytelling. With cinematography you can tell the audience more about a story and convey emotion through framing, colour grading and lens choices. My plan is to applicate for the Nederlandse Filmacademie in Amsterdam next year (2021) in the direction of Cinematography.


Corporate Films

Narrative Short Films

Portrait Photography



Thomas Zeman Media – Freelancer
(2017 – Present)
As a freelancer you get to work on all sorts of different jobs, meeting a lot of new people. I love the variation of work and starting new film projects.

Westerpark Studio – Development Manager / Gaffer
(2019 – 2020) 1,5 year
Westerpark Studio is a photo/film studio located in Amsterdam. With a drive-in white limbo wall they are a playground for creatives.

While I was managing film shoots, their rental department and building a webshop. I got to learn a lot about cinematic lighting techniques and testing new cinema camera’s, which was really cool. At the IBC (2019) we created the Kinefinity booth to give more people knowledge and helpful information about these new camera’s.

Working as a gaffer/best boy gave me the opportunity to work for big EDM artist such as: Martin Garrix, Armin van Buren and W&W.

Femous Productions – Intern – Video Editor / Camera Operator
(2018) 6 months
My first Internship was for Frank Emous ”Femous Productions”. An entrepreneur located in Breukelen. He is a hard working person who showed me what it takes to survive in the photo/film industry.